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PS4 Redesign (UX Design)

PS4 Menu Redesign


PDF of Original Report for this project


Wayland Bang

Johnathan Tam

Sarah Vedress

Irene Wang


As a part of our CMPT 481 class, Human Computer Interaction, we are taught about the process of UX design. From finding an issue with an experience, to brainstorming solutions, and implementing a medium fidelity prototype for further discussion of how viable our initial idea was. For our group project, we were to find a problem found in any type of interface (ranging from physical things like an elevator button interface to a touch screen application). Our group, Team R0sie, had a slight problem with the PlayStation4 menu interface as well as the lack of use of the touchpad on the controller. 

Premise: The current form of the Playstation4's initial menu selection interface does not utilize customizability and presents applications near the 'front' of the menu that the user has recently used to the least.


Current System of the PS4 menu interface


Paper Prototype of our grid like system


Medium fidelity with 'touch control'

This video uses a Wizard of Oz approach showing what the functionality of the touchpad on the controller could do in a future implementation.


Our medium fidelity built with Unity3D using an Apple MacBook Pro's touch pad to simulate the touchpad of the DualShock 4 controller.