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Recent Projects


MR Geo: Mixed Reality Annotation Tools Suite

Programmer & Project manager

Working together with BGC Engineering, an applied earth science consulting company, we designed and implemented an annotation suite for their Ada Platform on the Microsoft Hololens.


Immersio: Immersive Language Learning

Technical lead

Working outside of my comfort zone, I took the role as Tech Lead for this team, where my duties are to research and develop technology that we can use in association with our business model.

We are creating an interactive digital language solution and focusing on dead or endangered languages. Immersio is a venture project starting out at the Centre for Digital Media where our team pitched our business and product ideas in front of industry leaders and professionals.


Brain Bros: Neuroanatomy Mobile Game

Game Developer

Now on Google PlayStore: here

Working with our client at UBC's Hive team, we were tasked to come up with a game that will help teach neuroanatomy to medical students. Rob the robot flies, climbs, and does many fun challenges while not taking away from the learning component.



game designer and programmer

NightTerrors is a drop in and out multiplayer game zombie/monsters survival developed for my capstone project with a team of 11 other people. Later showcased at Saskatoon's local video game bar.




Catra is a 2D platformer where the player takes control of a cat that carries guns... a lot of guns. This game is inspired by games like Contra and Mario.


Other Fun Things I’ve Done


CBC National Hackathon

Out of 70 teams we made it to the final round of the CBC Hackathon pitching our idea and prototype for a personalized experience using the underused CBC archives.


Design Jam for Post Digital Books

Students were hand picked for their diverse skills and come from a variety of disciplines. We were tasked to create what we think a Post Digital Book would look like. We created an art installation involving an Ikea manual that will react in augmented reality as you flip through.