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NightTerrors (Video Game)

Night Terrors



CMPT 406 Project: Night Terrors


Team Lead: Ryan Hoppe

Design Lead: Irene Wang

Technical Lead: Wai Chung Fung

Test Lead: Graham Solie

Designer/Programmers: Wayland Bang, Jordan Scheirich

Programmers: Alex Ng, Tiantong Robert Wu, Chase Crawford, Jiwel Chen


We created a PVPVE top down horror game that incorporated networking via Unity3D's services, with a  20 player maximum on the server. The player has to compete or team up with other players to achieve the highest score. Once a player dies, they lose their spot in the rank. Scavenging for weapons to fight off enemies, and wood to build baricades, the players attempt to survive and apacolypse with zombies and spooky large monsters waiting for them in the shadows.

Our Premise

Technical Challenge: To provide smooth networking in which multiple players seamlessly drop in and out with ad-hoc group formation

Design Challenge: To support come&go play, integrated into the game's core mechanics, so it doesn't appear as buggy and random.


Bartari Showcase April 2018