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Dragon Sntch (Video Game)


Dragon Sntch

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Wayland Bang

Michael Le

Cody Ede

Zoe Newton

Dragon Sntch is my very first game created with the idea of a bullet hell version of Legend of Zelda. The goal of my team was to learn how to code and then to make use of what we learned to make a game. We wanted our game to stick out, so we thought of the idea of having the player needing to switch between three different characters: a warrior to destroy mobile enemies, archer to kill skeletons and to hit the boss, and a wizard who can float over traps and freeze enemies. 

The game was programmed in Processing2. The code is extremely unorganized, as we had a 'run and gun' approach to coding: We code new things as we learn new things. This project was a milestone for myself and my team because it was our first time coding, learning how to work as a development team, and learned how to work under timed pressure- all new concepts to us at the time for being first year Interactive Design students.

A video of myself talking over my very first game back in 2014.