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MR Geo: MR Annotation Suite


MR GEO: Mixed Reality Annotation Suite

In this industry project in collaboration with BGC Engineering and Centre for Digital Media, we created a mixed reality annotation suite for their Microsoft Partner project, the Ada Platform.

How do we design in 3D?

Designing in 3D real-space was a sure challenge for all of us, as we were used to virtual 3D worlds or 2D applications. With this in mind, for the first couple of weeks we prototyped methodologies that worked best for this medium as well as our working style.



A good start to find the pain points of our users is to interview our users themselves and see how they annotate on their documents in 2D. We also needed to figure out why they need this in mixed reality via the Hololens for their work.



Visualizing interactions with storyboards served vital to showing ourselves and our client what these features are for.


Paper Prototype

Paper prototypes are excellent for placing your feature in real life as if the Hololens was right there in front of the user.


Digital Prototype

Once ourselves and our client are satisfied with our storyboarding and prototypes, we implement it into the Hololens.