Wayland Bang
Wayland Bang
Programmer | 306 581-6662 | wayland_bang@thecdm.ca | Vancouver

Hi, I'm Wayland!

Software Engineer / Designer / Artist



B.A&Sci. Interactive Systems Design @ University of Saskatchewan 2018.

Masters of Digital Media @ Centre For Digital Media (UBC, BCIT, Emily Carr, and SFU) 2019.

I am very passionate in cognitive psychology, computer science, and fine art. I strive to create amazing digital products in games and new technology.

Phone: (306) 581 - 6662

Email: wayland_bang@thecdm.ca 


Cerebro: Virtual Lab


Julia Lastovikova: Project Manager

Kim Burker: Technical Lead

Weiyi Zhang: 3D Artist / Art Lead

Sean Jeon: UX Designer/ Scrum Master

Cindy Shi: Game Developer


Meghan ang: 2D Artist/Animator

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Built and tested for medical students for a fun way to learn about the brain. They would take control of the character, Rob, to traverse through various brain slices and vessels.

Role: To quickly prototype and concepts given to me by the game designer and to implement them to the full system if tested well with the students.


Night Terrors



CMPT 406 Project: Night Terrors


Team Lead: Ryan Hoppe

Design Lead: Irene Wang

Technical Lead: Wai Chung Fung

Test Lead: Graham Solie

Designer/Programmers: Wayland Bang, Jordan Scheirich

Programmers: Alex Ng, Tiantong Robert Wu, Chase Crawford, Jiwel Chen


My Role: Came up and pitched game mechanics that worked well with the vision of our project. This can include gameplay style, leaderboards, inventory system, and more. I was also a secondary programmer where I helped program where needed the most help- AI/Enemy mechanics.

Night Terrors is a Player vs Player vs Environment game that can hold up to 20 players at a time to compete for the highest score. They will have to fight each other, zombies, and boss monsters.


Bartari Showcase April 2018



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Vishal Tomar

Danny Huang

Akram Abdelrahim

Wayland Bang

Hao Chen

Catra is the child of my CMPT 306 group, inspired by hard video game platformer shooters and bullet hell such as Contra. We wanted our game to have one defining novelty that gave it some personality and to help us grow as video game developers, so we settled on learning how to create and and implement PCG (procedural content generation) of item drops and enemy status that will follow in accordance to the player's status. For example: if the health bar is low, then more health regeneration items may drop from enemies, or if your character keeps dying the chances of a stronger weapon may drop from an enemy.


Dragon Sntch

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Wayland Bang

Michael Le

Cody Ede

Zoe Newton

Dragon Sntch is my very first game created with the idea of a bullet hell version of Legend of Zelda. The goal of my team was to learn how to code and then to make use of what we learned to make a game. We wanted our game to stick out, so we thought of the idea of having the player needing to switch between three different characters: a warrior to destroy mobile enemies, archer to kill skeletons and to hit the boss, and a wizard who can float over traps and freeze enemies. 

A video of myself talking over my very first game back in 2014.